Products in Use by ModelsBased in Carmel, Indiana, Lamood LLC was founded in 2004 and has been self-funded with rapid growth. Currently we are concentrated in the men's and women's fashion accessories that include some of the most innovative niche ecommerce web sites.

The founder of Lamood LLC was unable to find baseball caps that would fit his big head. The "one size fits all " size found in stores were always too small, tight, and would cause headaches. So he decided to make his own hats, but much bigger. Lamood Big Hats was born with only one big hat in three colors. The operation quickly grew to the biggest selection of big hats found anywhere to launching WalletGear and our newest venture, Lamood Bows. The early success of these online companies has led to securing inventory space in central Indiana and building a small team of ecommerce, marketing, and fashion experts.

To effectively scale the multi-store model and maintain control of the customer experience, we elected to develop and maintain the business in-house. The growth has been fueled by a sophisticated business development effort that identifies niche markets. Lamood LLC is constantly seeking cutting-edge ecommerce initiatives and marketing techniques. The culture at Lamood LLC is that of a close-knit family that is, among being big headed, collaborative and creative. This is evident in its day to day operations, which emphasizes a constant dialogue among all team members. We are committed to maintaining a family atmosphere, regardless of the size of the company.

Lamood LLC is dedicated to providing our customers the very best products at great prices. We offer a wide variety of products across several product categories. Looking ahead, Lamood LLC has the team and infrastructure in place to significantly scale-up its business to serve all your accessory needs. WalletGear and Lamood Big Hats are seen as "Wallets and Big Hats" on billing statements.